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About Us

About Us

Dr Y V Rao Hair Transplant surgery

Hair Transplant surgery has been a revelation since the time its concept was well known all over the world. The idea for any person to have the right look, desirable features and add that to a bright personality is all made possible by cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is subspecialty surgery that is useful for enhancing anyone’s appearance, but what exactly is the requirement is derived from the patient’s demands. Earlier, due to the extensive coverage of cosmetic surgeries on popular media, there was a perception that it was only for covering up certain aspects of appearances in a person, but the reality is different, as cosmetic surgery covers a wide range of treatments with medical and surgical aids.

Dr Y V Rao’s clinic has been the best in Hyderabad for many reasons over a period of years. At the clinic, a patient could expect to receive cosmetic treatment and solutions for a wide range of problems along with a world-class quality of procedures. If one used to think that the cosmetic surgery has been excelled only in western countries, they are about to be surprised by what Dr Y V Rao’s clinic can do.

Apart from Dr Y V Rao himself, there’s the presence of world-class experts and professionals at a patient’s disposal. Add to everything the affordability of the treatments at Dr YV Rao’s clinic, any patient seeking cosmetic solutions are in for the best treatment in the city of Hyderabad. The expert professionals are ready to guide you for the exact treatment at an affordable cost. Patients are thoroughly diagnosed before any treatment suggestions.

With the help of the best in technology which is necessary for treatments of the cosmetic nature, along with the presence of experts as well as the expertise of Dr Y V Rao himself, patients are guaranteed to have their best experience and the right treatments at the clinic. Here, the patients are diagnosed well before any treatment, and only then the appropriate procedures are suggested. For there is an understanding that the demands of each patient could be different than the other and hence doctors and surgeons always need to have the right, appropriate solution for the problem presented in front of them.

Dr Venkata Rao Yalamanchi is a renowned and certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Dr Rao’s experiences and an extensive exposure has ensured he’s known all around for his advanced level of treatments as well as an expert in the field. The idea here is to give the patients the best treatment possible at affordable rates with minimal hassle

Dr Y V Rao’s Clinic emphasises on the fact that all the treatments offered here are legal, painless and ethical in nature. While there are invasive and non-invasive methods, put to use, but they are all based on what the patient needs.

Dr Y V Rao’s Clinic is a one-stop solution for all the cosmetic treatments possible as well as our thriving nature to become the best in the country. Contact us for further queries, and we will guide you accordingly based on your needs.

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