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Ask a Query

Ask a Query

Q: I’m 24 yrs old, How Many Grafts Do I Need to Cover Bald Areas?

A: Balding is progressive and without medication this process will be much more accelerated. In young men this becomes a very important consideration. A hair transplant will not...

Q: Did I Pull out Grafts One Week After a Hair Transplant?

A: What you are describing is normal. The follicles become embedded into the scalp after about five days. It is unlikely that you dislodged any of the follicles on the seventh day...

Q: Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant?

A: Yes its very possible that grafts can be pulled out. By 11 days much of the healing has already taken place but with enough effort grafts can still be pulled. If its true that...

Q: Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

A:Most hair transplant patients must wait after hair transplantation for their hair to get rooted. The process typically occurs around the 6 month mark. Quicker growth can o...

Q: How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

A: There is an artistic side to hair transplant surgery, but there are also results that depend on experience and good technique. You are creating a look that you will have for...

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