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Beard & Moustaches Hair Transplant

Beard & Moustaches Hair Transplant

Of late, beards have become a symbol of style and the fact that it is trending has seen many sporting beards of many varieties. Thin, thick, long, full etc. and with different stylings to make it more appealing has been the norm among men. For those who can grow a full beard and manage it may find the idea of a beard transplant rather absurd, but a beard restoration procedure is a boon in disguise for those who face problems in growing a beard or lose their existing ones.

For us, it is not very uncommon when people come looking for solutions at Dr Y V Rao Clinic to restore their lost beard. For patients mostly come to repair the lost parts of their beard area, which usually results in visible, empty patches along the face where the beard once grew.

What is Beard Transplant?

At Dr Y V Rao’s Clinic, we use the best available technology for our hair transplantation procedures. Similarly, for a beard transplant procedure, we do not compromise on the quality and methodology of the process. We employ the revolutionary FUE procedure for hair transplants and for beard transplantations we use the very method. In this method, the hair is found on the scalp of the patient, which is then transplanted to the beard area. The results are as natural and realistic as possible.

The hair from the scalp is removed using an expert extraction method and the follicles are then prepared under the microscope, which later is transplanted to the necessary area. In the end, a successful beard transplant procedure will give the patient the beard they always wanted or restored as per their needs as well as in conjunction with our advice. Post the beard transplant procedure, the patient will have a natural looking beard as well as with a predictable growth pattern of any regular beard.

Who is suitable?

Not all patients might be suitable enough at this time to undergo a beard transplant procedure. The experts at Dr Y V Rao clinic will first analyse the person and the situation of their beard. Sometimes, people come in at a very young age after patches emerge on their face due to loss of the beard. In such cases, a beard transplant might not warrant immediate results as we might recommend they wait for another year or so to see how the pattern of their loss continues. Otherwise, in that condition, if immediate treatment is provided, then the patient might suffer from a further decline in patches in the areas that are not transplanted, making the look degrade even further.

At Dr Y V Rao clinic we use the best technology and techniques possible to ensure a successful beard transplant and beard regrowth procedure for patients. Our patients have had total satisfaction with our methods and have seen their need to have a full beard restored.

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