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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

Hair loss could be a disaster for many when it comes to appearance or personality. Of course, it is not to say that many cannot carry on with a bald look, but again this is only a case with a few.

The majority of people have an adverse reaction to balding. In the end, these effects are beyond the control of anybody, and it could have determined the impact on the person’s personality and crush their self-confidence while also more or less, drastically reducing their socialising lifestyle.

The many quarters of medical science address the problem of balding, but only a few viable options are worth it. For instance, the many shampoos or other counter products available readily at any drug store, have had effects, but only till the body changes its stance against them. After which they are rendered useless.

Hair transplant has been one treatment option that has had excellent results over the past years. However, from about five years before and in the current scenario, due to the drastic changes that technology has brought about, Hair Transplant and its methods have taken the long road of reform and evolve with the best, modern techniques that we have today.

The procedure of hair transplant depends on the donor sites, which are mostly the patient’s scalp area/hair; which will be extracted and then placed in the affected area. Many a time, patients may not have a suitable donor area on their scalps, thus leaving the Hair Transplant expert to rely on other parts of the body in search of viable donor sites. This site could be found anywhere else in the body, for instance, beard or chest. There, however, will be a great deal of difference between the texture and thickness of the hair taken from these parts compared to that in a standard hair transplant.

Benefits of Body Hair Transplant?
  • Hair from practically unwanted places could be implanted to the balding areas of the scalp.
  • There is no need to undergo any other kind of treatment for hair growth.
  • The hairs after the transplantation will grow like natural hairs.
  • There is no need to find an external donor even if your scalp hair is not suitable for transplant.
  • At Dr Y V Rao, a body hair transplant procedure is made available for patients needing this process. We have the best of technology, and the cutting edge in technological equipment are necessary to conduct this procedure. In all, we aim to provide our patients with world-class quality of treatments, and along with our experts and hair transplant specialists, we have become the top body hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad.
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