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Eyebrows Restoration

Eyebrows Restoration

Most people have worries about hair loss on their scalps, which eventually results in partial or full baldness. The reason many of those who opt for treatments such as hair transplant on their scalps is because they want to restore their old appearance and looks that the losing hair has taken away. If that is a big worry for anyone, then losing hair in the eyebrow area poses a more significant concern.

Our eyebrows define our looks, more than even the hair on our scalp. They are the most critical feature of our face that is the most crucial part of how we appear. Eyebrows are placed in a more central position on the face and are vital in framing our eyes, which is also the most significant facial element.

Eyebrow hair, on the other hand, is not lost due to natural reasons, and are a result of either a medical condition, genetic or congenital inability to grow it.

The loss of eyebrow hair could have a severe psychological effect on people, which could ultimately result in a lack of confidence as well as being wary in social situations where they once thrived with a good facial look.

What is Eyebrow Hair Restoration?

As medical science has over the years taken many significant turns for the good, one of the significant innovations has been made in the area of hair transplantation. The most common variety of hair transplant is that of the scalp area, but studies over the years, as well as advanced research, has made it possible to restore even eyebrows, with glaring effect.

Due to the anatomy and physiology of an eyebrow being utterly different to that of scalp hair as well as because eyebrows have their unique attributes, a transplant may differ from regular hair transplant in many ways possible.

Some salient features of eyebrow transplant:
  • This method ses single-hairs in the transplant, and not grafts of multiple hairs.
  • To attain the natural curve of the brow, hairs are rotated as part of the procedure.
  • The transplanted hair is placed to lie as flat to the skin surface as possible.
  • To make the transplanted hair look more natural, the upper hair of the eyebrow will be pointing out and slightly downward; while the lower ones pointing out and slightly upward, and this is done to create an interlocking ridge that aims to provide eyebrows their fullness needed to look quite like the natural ones.

Naturally eyebrow hair doesn’t grow as much as normal scalp hair does, but after transplantation, as in the case of scalp hair transplant, the hair transplanted to eyebrows will also grow periodically. This results in the patient taking advanced care of the same, with a periodic cutting of the eyebrow hair becoming a routine for the future. This process is only a minor nuisance, but it is worth noting that the cut end of the transplanted hair is not as delicate as that of healthy, natural hair.

At Dr Y V Rao Clinic, the best possible technology and experts are made available for the benefit of the patients and with the aim of providing with world class techniques and treatments, especially in the field of hair transplantation. Eyebrow restoration is a unique procedure than standard scalp hair transplant and hence our clinic being the foremost of the lost in Hyderabad, we are the best in the business and provide with comprehensive results, especially in eyebrow regrowth techniques.

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