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Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Hair loss is not very unheard of concept, in fact, the problem is so common, that more and more people are looking for viable and affordable solutions to solve a problem that is no less than a crisis, personally. While hair loss in men is a common phenomenon, women too have faced this problem in quite the numbers.

The problem of hair loss can have a catastrophic effect, both regarding appearance as well as psychologically, often affecting their mood, behavioural patterns and usually results in a visible lack of confidence. For women, their hair is a part of their identity, and they tend to take it much harder than men, and it affects them on a larger scale as well. Hair loss in women is often ignored due to the understanding that it might be due to a lack of care, but when the quantity and frequency increase by the day, panic seeps into them, and they tend to look for some solution that can put a stop to this problem altogether.

The hair transplant procedure for women is a specially designed method that will help them cover the growing baldness on the scalp. The techniques have, and specific conditions should be present in women before the procedure is executed. But the first question is, why do women need a hair transplant procedure?

  • Women will get their hair back with hair transplant will help them gain natural and healthy hair.
  • After the hair transplant in women, they will also be able to grow their hair longer and style them in whichever way they want.
  • Women often regain their confidence back.
  • Transplanted hairs will, in the future be able to go through all those things and routines a normal hair would.

There are ideally two primary treatments when it comes to hair transplant in women :

  • Direct Hair Transplant
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
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Dr Y V Rao Clinic has been a pioneer when it comes to procedures related to the hair. Apart from providing hair transplant solutions for men, we also offer comprehensive treatments for women for problems with hair fall. We have the best minds working about on patients to solve their hair loss problems and achieving a remarkable success rate.

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