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Male Hair Transplant

Male Hair Transplant

There are two primary reasons for hair loss in men:

  • Hereditary
  • Due to several medical conditions that may, in the long run, cause baldness.

Not everyone can pull off the bald look, and baldness might not look attractive enough on many people, and while medical science is working towards finding comprehensive solutions towards hair fall and baldness, we offer the most comprehensive, yet definite and permanent answer.

Medical science’s two most prominent treatments are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery. At Dr Y V Rao’s clinic, we have excelled in both these methods, and the many patients who have returned back happily are a glowing sign of our success in this field. Over time and due to our extensive experiences, today Dr Y V Rao’s clinic is the best in Hyderabad for Hair Transplant Surgery.

Hair fall or baldness patterns are not the same in every individual, and hence comes the need for experts in the field to understand each unique patient that seek a solution towards the problem. At Dr Y V Rao’s clinic, we provide the most comprehensive care, solutions and treatments for the most complex of issues related to baldness or hair fall therapies.

Our treatments are completely safe and very much affordable. While we know the importance of hair fall treatments, especially that of hair transplant for men in today’s world, we also have to take measures to decrease the costs as much as possible for the patients, so there is an affordability factor which satisfies all, thus ensuring the best Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad.Hence, our treatment are completely safe and very much on the affordable side for people seeking to bring about a change in their appearance

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery for men at Dr Y V Rao’s clinic:

  • No Scar of any kind
  • Completely painless procedures
  • Quick recovery from the procedure

What makes Dr Y V Rao one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad is his approach towards Hair Transplant Surgery. At his clinic, we cater to the growing need of people facing hair problems. Our belief in doing our work under the legal umbrella as well as ethically. Our Hair Transplant Surgery for men is by far the best in Hyderabad for numerous reasons, but most importantly for the satisfaction rate of our patients

If you wish to inquire more on Hair Transplant Surgery, you could get in touch with us on the information displayed in the contact’s page, and we can discuss your problem in depth.

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