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Hair follicle cells have a high turnover and active metabolism, requiring a good supply of nutrients and energy. A caloric deprivation or deficiency of several macro and micronutrients, such as proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, can lead to hair loss.

What Are Micronutrients?

Your body requires food. Why? Because you need nutrition which comes from food. Now, the nutrition you need most are carbohydrates, followed by protein. You need a lot of these nutrients. These are the ones which give you energy. But then, there are nutrients which you require in very less quantity – vitamins and minerals. However, these nutrients are very important in keeping you healthy and youthful. The assist in resisting and killing germs, smooth functioning of your hormones and, overall, gives you vitality. These nutrients are called micronutrients.

Which Micronutrients Affect Hair?

All the micronutrients are essential for your body. But the ones which have shown a direct effect on hair loss are VitD, Iron, Zinc, VitC, VitA, Selenium, etc.

What Happens To Hair If You Have Deficiency of Micronutrients?

VitD: An important component that helps your hair grow healthily and fully is keratin. Vitamin D has a major role in the production of keratin. If the cells in your scalp are unable to produce VitD, keratin production is hampered and hence, you start losing healthy hair.

Iron: Deficiency of iron is not an unheard thing, especially in women. It caused weakness and many other health issues. It has a significant effect on hair loss as well. In post-menopausal women, iron deficiency is responsible for 30% of cases of hair loss.

Zinc: Zinc helps in the growth of new cells. It is an important factor related to our cell division and DNA reduplication. Cell growth and cell duplication are very fast in your scalp. Naturally, the first signs of zinc deficiency manifest as hair loss. This deficiency has been related to alopecia areata.

VitC: Deficiency of Vitamin C results in corkscrew hair where the hair shaft is abnormally curled and there can be swelling and bleeding around hair follicles. This deficiency can also give birth to many ‘ingrown’ hairs.

VitA: Vitamin A deficiency makes your hair dry and fragile and, hence, more prone to breakage. But again, excess of Vit A can be toxic to humans can give rise to many complications starting from high blood pressure in your head.

Selenium: Lack of selenium in your body is responsible for the change in hair colour. Your hair can start losing its original colour and become lighter or darker. It can also cause hair breakage and hair loss.

VitB: Many hair problems and skin conditions in women can be credited to Vitamin B deficiency. It includes dryness, hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff etc.

How Can You Cope With Deficiency of Micronutrients?

The best solution to micronutrient deficiency is to have a balanced diet. But like we have mentioned earlier, even a ‘healthy diet’ cannot always keep your hair ‘healthy’. In the light of that, you could try having organic food instead of commercial food which is produced in fields where a lot of fertilizers and pesticides are used. But even then, sometimes, due to our dietary preferences (like being a vegan, or not liking a particular kind of fruit or vegetable) most of us lack nutrients at least in one point of our lives. Pollution also has a major role to play in it.

To deal with this, at Y V Rao Clinic, we suggest that after proper tests, you intake some dietary supplements. Don’t worry – even though they may look like pills, they are not ‘medicines’ or ‘drugs’ or ‘steroids’. They are simply a dose of extracted minerals or vitamins. These pills are just like iron tablets and calcium tablets that you may have taken before. They will only help you restore the nutrient balance in your body.

However, make sure that you take the guidance of an expert before taking those pills. Consuming nutritional supplements without following a proper regimen may even affect you adversely. You must talk to an expert about your hair condition and he will suggest you tests to determine if you have any nutritional deficiency. Accordingly, your doses will be prescribed. For assistance regarding the same, you can book an appointment at Y V Rao Clinic and we can help you choose the right supplements.

About The Clinic:

Dr Venkata Rao Yalamanchi is a qualified & certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. After his degree in plastic & cosmetic surgery, he got trained, extensively in reconstructive, microsurgery & cosmetic surgery at reputed centre both in India & abroad. He has eighteen years of experience as a plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. His special interest is in Hair transplantation & Cosmetic surgery and has been pursuing these with more dedication.

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