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Keratin has become the latest element in hair fashion. It makes your hair look smooth, silky and shiny and it also adds volumes to it. But it is all good? It is the magic that solves all your troubles with frizzy and thin hair?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of keratin treatment.

But first of all…

What Is Keratin?

We are more used to see the word keratin in shampoos and hear it often in hair salon conversations. This may give you a notion that keratin is a chemical product. Well, the fact is that keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in your hair strands. It builds the structure of your hair and also gives it strength. For cosmetic use, Keratin is extracted from other animal hair like sheep’s wool, aminal hooves, bird feathers, etc. It is chiefly a natural substance.

How It Glaces Hair?

Keratin coats the outer layer of your hair and protects it from outward damage. It straightens your hair strands, smoothens them and makes them more glossy and silky-looking. It adds volume to your hair. It adds a major cut of cosmetic appeal to your hair. With keratin use, you can try wilder hairstyles and hair colours without damaging your hair from within. But, it has adverse effects too.

How It Affects The Health Of Your Hair?

Despite all the benefits of keratin, you must understand that the external use of keratin does not work as efficiently as the keratin which you produce naturally. When you use keratin your hair becomes thicker and heavier. And thus, there is a constant pull of each hair strand on its respective hair root. This leads to early shedding of hair. Especially if you have low levels of natural keratin, you are more likely to have weaker hair and thus, keratin will work even more adversely.

Plus, during a keratin treatment, it’s not just keratin that your hair is exposed to. The mix will also contain other harmful elements like formaldehyde. The mix will be applied on your hair and it will be pasted to the outer surface of your hair (cuticle) by the use of extreme heat. All of these combined together becomes a dooming enemy to your hair.

So, does it mean that you should never get another keratin treatment done on your hair? Not really. There’s a way out.

How Can You Use Keratin To Get The Best Results?

Before you get a keratin treatment, you must get your hair checked by a certified hair expert, also known as, a trichologist. A trichologist will test your hair and find out what’s causing the weakness if any. In that case, he can he can suggest you some dietary changes and give you advice on how to protect your hair from pollution, Sun and the chemicals from hair products. In addition, you will be advised to take supplements of good comprehensive micronutrients so that you can make your hair healthy from inside. When your hair becomes strong and healthy from inside, it will be safe to use keratin to ‘polish’ out the rough surface. Remember to opt for a treatment that offers a formaldehyde-free alternative.

At Y V Rao Clinic, you can find solutions to all kinds of hair problems be it frizzy hair or even hair loss. To consult our experts feel free to book an appointment.

About The Clinic:

Dr Venkata Rao Yalamanchi is a qualified & certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. After his degree in plastic & cosmetic surgery, he got trained, extensively in reconstructive, microsurgery & cosmetic surgery at reputed centre both in India & abroad. He has eighteen years of experience as a plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. His special interest is in Hair transplantation & Cosmetic surgery and has been pursuing these with more dedication.

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