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Strip Technique Surgery

Strip Technique Surgery

Hair loss is not taken lightly by the modern world and its people. Today, we have so many people suffering from problems affiliated with hair loss that everyone is looking for a quick resolution to the issues. The fact that sufferers have started looking at solutions to curb this problem of hair loss is because this problem eventually, at one point leads to baldness and the strange fact is that no specific age leads the problem to arise.

On the other hand, the question of hair loss itself is related to many medical conditions, genetic reasons and whole different set of factors including that of pollution, lifestyle and diet. All of which then means that baldness is not the result of a single problem, but a combination of issues. Now, the question of baldness or hair fall is not a singular one as it involves a lot of factors. With the required technology, today hair transplant surgery and hair regrowth treatments are possible at the highest quality possible. Baldness sure looks unattractive and affects your confidence at some point. Strip technique Hair transplant has a wide range of benefits like hair regrowth, makes you a young looking and attractive person who is more confident like never before.

How Is It Done?

Once you are administered with local anaesthesia, an incision is formed on the back side. Further, a strip of follicles is extracted and stored in chilled saline water. These follicles are then grafted with sharp surgical knives. Later, these are placed in your bald regions, and finally, you can experience hair growth in 3 to 6 months. The recovery time is just 5 – 7 days.

At Dr Y V Rao, we provide the best of hair regrowth treatments as well as well as Hair Transplant surgeryat the most affordable prices around. Connect with us to know more about our strip technique hair transplant procedures and tell us what you seek.

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